To continue our commitment to development and in order to offer to our customers a quality local service, FACT Algeria, already established on Algiers, created a sales office in Setif.

An area of ​​200 m², the POS offers a showroom dedicated in part to air conditioning equipment CARRIER®, refrigeration material and components designed by the best international manufacturers such as BITZER, LU-VE, PARKER...

The technical team, specially trained in these advanced equipment, is able to provide you the expert solutions combining technology and reliability.
A certified partnership

To build a reliable customer service, FACT Algeria is surrounded by the best manufacturers offering internationally recognized advanced equipment. Historical and sustainable partnerships with CARRIER®, the world's largest manufacturer of heating and air conditioning, with BITZER, a German company international leader in the construction of refrigeration compressors and
LU-VE, recognized as the European leader in the manufacture of equipment for the cold chain.

With the creation in 2001 in Cheraga, an assembly plant certified by BITZER, FACT Algeria now achieved the goal of more than 550 assembled refrigeration units per year.