Experts in refrigeration, ventilation and air conditioning

Created in 1989 on Marseille,  ICE SAS is one of the international distributors of equipments and  components for refrigeration, ventilation and air conditioning applications (industrial buildings, small and large commercial zones or office buildings). For all these decades, ICE tries hard to bring expert technical solutions on western Africa, the Maghreb and overseas territories.
Four hubs of activity: a global offer

Our commercial team, each trained in a specific field of activity, study your projects and advise you on suitable equipments and accessories, designed by internationally renowned manufacturers.

  • The pole refrigeration proposes a wide range of materials suited to the industrial refrigeration, food-processing or funeral (cold rooms, industrial panels, ice-makers, isothermal doors). Besides these equipments, ICE also supplies all components and equipments being a part of the cold chain (condensers, groups, compressors, evaporators).
  • The pole ventilation provides all the components bound to the air treatment: distribution, fire exhaust, air control, thermo-mechanical ventilation, diffusers, chambers, tubes.
  • The pole hydraulics commercializes all systems and  components such as valves, pumps, flow controllers, filters ...
  • The pole insulation for all materials dedicated to commercial applications and housing environment.
Reliable manufacturers for a long-lasting customer relationship 

Bring confidence and satisfaction to our customers is our spearhead, we are committed to providing high-quality material through a rigorous selection of our manufacturers to propose products among the best of the market at the most just price.

In the field of refrigeration, we are the authorized distributors of:

  • 2004, partnership with BITZER, German manufacturer, leading international refrigeration compressors. and LU.VE Contardo, european leader  in the manufacture of heat exchangers for refrigeration. ICE become official distributor of
    BITZER & LU-VE's equipments.
  • PARKER SPORLAN, World leader in the manufacturing of systems for monitoring and control of movements controllers, measuring instruments, flexible..)

local implantation

In December 2013, the creation of ICE Senegal, a subsidiary of ICE SAS.
Located on Dakar to bring you local services and products related to applications developed by ICE on the world